We Serve:

Commercial Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning

 We provide cleaning programs for business owners and supervisors with the reliability and consistent quality your’d expect from real professionals.

Property Developers

Property Cleaning

As property developers conduct daily business, there is a strong need for reliable commercial services. 

Church Cleaning Service

Church Cleaning

  We know that your church is a place of utmost respect for your higher faith and we’ll treat it with that kind of reverence.

Bank Cleaning Services

Bank Cleaning Services

Using eco friendly cleaning products is safer for cleaning staff and bank facility occupants. Harsh cleaning products can cause skin and eye irritation, headaches and nausea. We won’t subject our team or your company to harsh chemicals that compromise safety.

Floor Care Services Include

Strip and Wax Floors



* Strip & Wax ( ALL TYPES)

We use a high-pressure machine for tile and grout cleaning that removes dirt and grime.

Pressure Cleaning

Pressure Washing

Our Charlotte power washing service removes grime and mold from  buildings, estate homes, small villas, community walkways, and more.